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Our deepest appreciation to our gracious clients. and colleagues.

"Racquel Lherman is what every producer should aspire to be; creative, passionate and full of integrity.  She also knows theatre and the community of theatre artists in Los Angeles.  If those aren't reasons enough to work with her, she can  stretch a dollar further than the Federal Reserve. It's a bit like watching a dozen enormous clowns emerge from a tiny Volkswagon at the circus.  She miraculously manages to  achieve the highest caliber of production while refusing ever to sacrifice the playwright's vision.  In a word, she's a genie. Or a genius.  Take your pick."
- Katherine Cortez, member of The Actors Studio

"Organized, prepared, thoughtful, and funny, Racquel is a superb producer.  She is great at diffusing problem situations, and is always a step ahead of everyone involved in a production.  Racquel has taste and style - and is always on top of her game."
- Michael Donovan, CSA of Michael Donovan Casting

"After having done numerous productions with them, I can unequivocally state that Theatre Planners is the gold standard of theater production in Los Angeles. They do EVERYTHING production-wise, from beginning to end,  so you are free to be the artist!"
- Wendy Graf, Award-winning Playwright

"Racquel and the Theatre Planners team are a rare breed in this town. They are not only extremely knowledgeable about the LA theatre scene but they are a true joy to work with. Even under the most stressful situations they stay positive and get the job done. Theatre Planners is always at the top of my list when recommending a Producer or PR team to my clients!" 
- Missy Yoshitomi -
Goldstar Venue Relations Manager

I have had the priviledge of working with Racquel Lehrman.....several times. She is the consummate, collaborative producer with the added bonus of a creative vision. Her company is not only versatile with the projects she chooses but has had total success in melting all the creative vision together with a very savvy business acumen. She has heart and smarts! Racquel is also one of the nicest peopleto work with ....I trust her.
- Kay Cole -

"Racquel Lehrman is the epitome of creative producers in the LA theater scene, or any scene for that matter.  Her taste and efficiency are impeccable and I must speak from personal experience that she is the most dedicated producer on any project that she takes on.  From small black box productions to full scale opera and theater, Racquel provides all her resources and expertise to ensure that the production goes smoothly and comes out like a shining diamond.  Her devotion with all personnel from actors to directors to the creative team are the best I have seen and her productions have all been run as tight as a well oiled machine.  But she is also the most personable person on the planet.  You can’t help but love her and her excitement on the projects she pursues.  I would work with her again and again and again." 
- Joel Daavid -
Award Winning Production Designer

Racquel is one of the hardest working producers I know. She exudes great skills in leading a production from pre-production to first rehearsal to opening to closing. She rarely misses a step. A terrific problem solver. When she produces a play I'm directing - I know I'm in good hands.
- Jon Lawrence Rivera -

"I've cast three shows produced by Racquel Lehrman, and can't say enough good things about her.  She is smart, personable, on top of every aspect of production, and has great contacts throughout the theater community and the press.  Best of all, Racquel just seems completely unflappable, no matter what drama pops up behind the scenes-- and there's always some kind of drama behind the scenes.  She deals with every situation with calm authority and humor.  I have no doubt she is the rock of any production she's involved with."
- Raul Clayton Staggs -
Casting Director 

"Since working with Racquel as my hands-on producer, I am completely spoiled! She has such a clear understanding of both the artistic process as well as the down-and-dirty everyday push it takes to mount a great production. No one I know works harder to create great theatre in Los Angeles than Racquel Lehrman. She is the real deal."
- Kelly Ann Ford -

"After Theatre Planners did free-lance publicity for one Meadows Basement production, we knew we'd be insane not to use them every chance we could get. Now Racquel is our official company publicist, and I couldn't imagine producing a show in LA without her."
- Aaron Ginsburg -
Artistic Director of Meadow's Basement Theatre Company

"Hiring Racquel as the directing producer for the Metatheatre Company has been one of the smartest decisions I have made. She is knowledgeable, creative, and personable. Being able to take over a situation is like second nature for her. Having Racquel handle all the production aspects for the company makes me know that we are in good hands."
- Anthony Meindl -
Artistic Director of Metatheatre Company

"Having Racquel's expertise was invaluable! She has such a thorough knowledge of the LA theatre scene that any hidden pitfalls were automatically avoided. Not to mention she is just completely fabulous herself!"
- Stephanie Thorpe -
Producer/Actor for "Lear's Daughters"

"I knew producing my first play was going to be challenging. In fact, I did not know where to begin. After one meeting with Racquel, to say I had found the perfect fit would be an under- statement. She was able to answer every question I had, and added information that I did not know even existed. Most of all she was very organized and spoke to me in my language, which meant a lot to me."
- Anthony Gilardi -
Italian American Reconciliation

"Racquel is an absolute joy to work with! She is extremely positive, motivated, and organized. Since having her work for me, I feel confident all the PR for my show is taken care of. As a Producer, I am so thankful to have her on my production team!"
- Véronique Ory -
"Crimes of the Heart" Actor/Producer